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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Gremlins in The Keyboard And Blesseds on Board

With a new mouse and off and on Internet, I have made some really dumb typos in the past few hours and days. Excuse me while I blush.

However, sooner or later I discover these. Yes, I am caught up on my sleep and, yes, I am eating just fine.

I have to schedule my blogging a bit better as I have other "jobs" (non-paying chores) to do right now.

I am, for example, trying to sort out my immigration status via several ways. Please make that a priority in your prayers for me.

To be able to live on the same continent as my son is my goal.

Keep praying to these saints for this cause:

Blessed Alvero del Portillo

Blessed Karl of Austria

Blessed Jacinta of Fatima