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Wednesday, 15 October 2014

On a lighter note

I met a very nice young man named Michael, who was a student at the Downside School years ago. Of course, I have a connection to Downside as being one of the Downside fellows teaching at Bristol in another time.

Michael started the famous BadAss chain, which has fantastic food and where I ate several years ago here as it was so inexpensive. I go there once in awhile for a cuppa coffee and wifi.

He has started two new endeavors, one is the Electro Lobster Project, (where does he get these names?), which has absolutely wonderful food. However, this restaurant is only temporarily open right now.

Michael bought the old hotel on Ballutta Bay, a gorgeous structure from the time of the English. It is the building on the far right of this photo. I think it was built in the 1930s.

I was treated like royalty, complete with discount to fresh Sea Bream, caught the day before, free appetizers and a glass of Prosecco, discounted, one of my favorite wines. It was lovely to speak with such a nice person and his staff were tops.

Michael intends to open the restaurant inside by November, especially for Christmas. There are too many unhappy waiters, grumpy maĆ®tre d' s in Sliema, so this place will do well with its happy staff.

Another place for coffee and breakfast, cheaper than the Village Inn or Perkins and much, much better, (yummy friend mushrooms with garlic comes with English breakfast), is Il-Gabbana in Sliema. I had a nice chat with two waitresses, one from Slovakia now living in Prague, and one from France. We had a little discussion about the "bad" places with grumpy staffs. I shall not mention those.

One should be treated the same whether ordering an iced coffee or a three-course meal. Such are the two staffs above. Obviously, I ate at one a few days ago and one today. Keeps me going. I find that when stressed and using up energy walking, pastas are best for me.

Well, back to breakfast bars, croissants and cheese for awhile!