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Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Thinking About Deceit Two

The only way to become holy is to be painfully honest with one's self. Begging God to shed light on one's predominant fault or faults means asking for humbling circumstances.

Some people are more humble by nature and the process of seeing and repenting of one's secret sins may be less painful than for those who are proud and less inclined to admit deep-seated tendencies toward sin.

If there was ever a time in the history of the Church for thousands of saints to arise, the time is now.

The synod revealed many kinds of deceit among the clergy, which some Catholics had not seen until this past week. For those of use who have worked on the inside, what we saw was the culmination of errors sent into seminaries and convents as long as I have been alive.

Modernism was condemned over a hundred and forty years ago.

But, for us in the pew, the message must be this today. Get holy and stay holy. Make your families holy and train your children to be saints.

Same old, same old mediocrity will not stay the tide of schism and the worldwide ruin of many diocese.

I have been writing about this for a long time.

Remember northern African witnessed thriving Catholic communities for hundreds of years. Where are these now? Remember that all the churches mentioned in the book of Revelation no longer exist.

Those who refuse to take seriously the signs of the times are wrapped up in deceit.

If you are not doing penance daily for the Church, you are deceiving yourself about the future of the Church in your own diocese.

I cannot warn you more than I have in the past seven years.

The time is now to face that we all need to become saints and cooperate with the graces God wants to give us now.

Think like a Catholic. We are living in the time of tribulation already and those who deny this want to deceive themselves. Things will get worse. We have been called to witness these times.

Be honest, and become a saint.