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Monday, 17 November 2014

An Old Tale from Thomas Aquinas' Life

An old man told me an old tale recently I had not heard before. We were discussing the leadership crisis and vocation crisis in the Church. The story made not be recalled exactly, but the pont is made. The old man noted that Thomas Aquinas had, at one time, been approached for his advice concerning leadership qualities.

The Master of the Order had died and the friars came to St. Thomas asking him to help them recommend a man for the role.

He asked of whom they were thinking.

"Friar Humbert is very holy, " noted one of the friars.
"Then," said Thomas, "you will all become saints."

"Friar Jordan is very compassionate, " said another. "Then, you will all learn compassion," noted Thomas.

"Friar Johnannes is very wise, " added a third friar. "Then, you will all learn wisdom, " replied Thomas.

"But," said a fourth friar, "Friar Alberto is very prudent." "Ah," said St. Thomas, "you will be ruled well, because  recta ratio agibilium, prudence is right reason applied to practice."

This is what we need in Rome, the virtue of prudence.

This is what we need in our cardinals, bishops, and priests. 


Too many of the clergy do not know what right reason is and do not apply it pastorally.

Pray for them all to have the gift of prudence released in their lives. We all have it from Confirmation.