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Sunday, 23 November 2014

Being A Catalyst

In 1981, my spiritual director, a dynamic, world-renown and wise, Jesuit told me I was a catalyst.

Now, I did and do not want to be a catalyst, as I have wanted stability and organization.

But, a catalyst I am whether I want to be or not.

What does a person do who is a catalyst? Such a person, first of all, wants other people to reach their own potential through insight and encouragement.

A catalytic person does not want power, especially not big centralized power, but wants to empower people in their own small spheres.

Catalysts keep their cool and can cope with emergencies and chaos. They order chaos for results.

Catalysts help other people progress in their own ways, respecting space and objectivity.

Catalysts keep people moving, but do not overpower them-they are not control-freaks and frequently set up situations and leave.

A catalytic person looks for common ground and motivates people, even freeing their spiritual potential.

Catalysts assume the best in others and do not look for negativity.

But, having said that, catalysts can see conflicts and try to deal realistically with those.

The downside of being a spiritual catalyst is that God moves one around to spur people on, but one does not stay long in one place.

Fools for Christ in Russian culture were catalysts, moving people to repentance and charity.

Catalysts, like chemical ones, cause change. They ask the right questions and are extremely intuitive.

But, here is the rub. Many, if not most people, do not want to change.

They see the catalytic person as dangerous to the status quo, even if that status quo has to change.

And, people react, but many times in fear and even hatred.

I do not like being a catalyst, which means I frequently complain to God about settling me down and giving me some stability.

Alas, He just reminds me that I gave Him my life, my will, my heart a long time ago, and this is the result of my being in love with Him. He makes me what I am and I must cooperate. And, although I am short, I am not as cute as Calumon.

My ONLY consolation, as I have no human consolation in person besides my dear virtual friends and fans, and my far-away son, is that Christ is and was while on earth THE Catalyst.

He motivated people to change and walked on.

St. Paul may be seen as a catalyst, or St. Francis of Assisi, who knew when to step back and let his order go. These great saints give me some hope in the midst of suffering.

Pray for this catalyst. It is a very lonely lifestyle.