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Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I picked up and read a copy of The Tablet (September 27th issue), the first time I have done this in almost a year.

The magazine only creates either anger because of lies or laughs because of stupidity.

In this issue, a professor emeritus from Yale Divinity School supports gay marriage as a good. Needless to say, her arguments center on personal covenants and "love", after she dismisses the purpose of marriage as child-bearing.

What I find so sad reading this is the level of writing is the complete lack of understanding as to definitions. One cannot argue with fluid, personal, subjective definitions. The art of argument rests on shared definitions. If one wants to have a completely different discussion, rather than one about Catholic marriage, fine, but do not expect serious Catholics to accept spurious definitions.

Why should we?

The author, Margaret Farley, obviously does not believe in the direct words of Christ concerning marriage, and she continues to play the "culture game" of how marriage has changed in time and in cultures. She ignores 2,000 plus years of Tradition and Scripture handed down by the Church.

She also separates the sacrament of marriage from the Church by putting it in the context of daily commitments. She dismisses Humanae Vitae referring to it in a devious manner.

She does not understand grace.

She assumes there is grace in "committed love". There is not. She has put the cart before the horse.

The actual sacrament of matrimony gives the grace so that we can, we are able to have, to give committed love.

Sigh. Margaret Farley is a Sister of Mercy and her book, Just Love (2006), was condemned by the CDF, but of course, the LCWR support her and it. Her theology is weak, compromising and just plain heretical. You have heard of her before, I am sure.

The Tablet staff reminds me of those teens who must take any stance against their parents just for the heck of it. So, if the Church says something, they state the opposite. Grow up time. And, how sad that people read and leave this rag at the back of the church, sharing it. But, then, I am almost the youngest one in the congregation at daily Mass.

May these old liberal, hippy Catholics have an epiphany before they die. 

The mag is now in my cylindrical file. I have better things to do with my time today than read anymore of this dead periodical.