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Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Last Post Out of Six on Natural Law Today and Yesterday

As the fundamental and all-embracing obligation imposed upon man by the Creator, the natural law is the one to which all his other obligations are attached. The duties imposed on us in the supernatural law come home to us, because the natural law and its exponent, conscience, tell us that, if God has vouchsafed to us a supernatural revelation with a series of precepts, we are bound to accept and obey it. The natural law is the foundation of all human law inasmuch as it ordains that man shall live in society, and society for its constitution requires the existence of an authority, which shall possess the moral power necessary to control the members and direct them to the common good.  

Human laws are valid and equitable only in so far as they correspond with, and enforce or supplement the natural law; they are null and void when they conflict with it...... Logicallychronologically, and ontologically antecedent to all human society for which it provides the indispensable basis, the natural or moral law is neither—as Hobbes, in anticipation of the modern positivistic school, taught—a product of social agreement or convention, nor a mere congeries of the actions, customs, and ways of man, as claimed by the ethicists who, refusing to acknowledge the First Cause as a Personality with whom one entertains personal relations, deprive the law of its obligatory basis. 

from the Catholic Encyclopedia on natural law...

Catholic teaching has been clear on the fact that we can come to know Divine Law, through reason, our consciences, and through Divine Revelation.

If there is confusion, it is that some people are listening not the Holy Mother Church, but to the siren songs of the world, the flesh and the devil.

Natural and supernatural laws are not options. These laws are not to be ignored by humans, who risk their immortal souls by not considering God and His Ways.

Human laws, tragically, having deviated from both natural law and the law of Revelation. Souls are lost daily because the understanding of free will and natural law have been ignored.

I hope the last few posts, plus the long list of posts on free will answer some questions.

All the information I have shared is the Teaching of the Church, founded by Christ.

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