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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Necessity Is The Mother of Invention-Supertradcoffee

Without water, I was dying for a coffee. I had some Indian tonic water in the fridge and decided to mix it with my instant coffee

Wow, it is fantastic. The mixture makes a foam at the top like a latte, without milk.

This is a cold drink.

I call it the Supertradcoffee.

I filled a mug with the Indian tonic water, (I used Marksie's, which is the only one I can find, and very cheap here), and put in a heaping teaspoon of Arabica rich and toasty instant coffee.

It is really good! Try it and pray for me at the same time.

My son invented a drink which is now popular in the seminary- the Kavipolitan. However, I do not know the ingredients.