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Sunday, 16 November 2014

The Growing Shadow of Mordor

It is interesting that the prequel game related to the LOTR came out this past September.

Some Catholics and I have been experiencing the long arm of Mordor. Some of us are exhausted by the spiritual warfare coming out of Rome and the final public heads of the enemies coming above the trenches. Those who hate Christ and His Church, who are within the Church, now are obvious.

We call it the Shadow of Mordor.

My energies have been sapped by the level of evil coming out of those leaders, who are schismatic and bringing their flocks to perdition.

Some of my good Catholic friends have felt the shadow of evil falling upon their parishes, neighbourhoods, towns, cities, nations.

The shadow is beginning to cover Malta. When the majority of people turn away from God and His Church and live, as one good layman said today, a life of immorality and selfishness, the shadow is fed. The shadow is being fed by those who do not love Christ or His Church.

This miasma is like a fog of pestilence moving into the churches with great speed and clutching at the heels of the Faithful to bring them down.

Like a plague, this shadow interrupts normal daily life.

A friend of mine shared with me a terrible vision this evening. He saw nations with two classes-the rulers and the slaves, as in the movie The Time Machine, which I wrote about on this blog years ago. The rulers will feed off the slaves. I can believe this type of time may come. The man who shared this with me is holy and sensitive to God's Ways. He feels the pressure of this shadow which I feel as well.

Another holy layman told me last week that he sees shadows on those who are not walking with God, the unbaptized, the unrepentant. He sees a growing number of people in Malta with a shadow on their faces.

I believe God is allowing the forces of evil to come out of this shadow and be more obvious. I had wondered why some people on the bus and in the street  stare at me when I am out. My friend said it was because they see the light in those of us in sanctifying grace and they wonder at this. Light is getting lighter and dark is getting darker. Some are attracted to the light, which is Christ and some are repelled.

I shall have to change my habits and go into my cell more, as the fighting of the enemy is wearing me out. Pray God leads me soon to a community. Like a lone guerrilla soldier, I need a break and am not getting it. I need a pod.

Neither are many of my friends getting rest, those who are isolated, who absolutely need daily Mass and the rosary.

We are the vanguard, and I am warning all of you it will come to this, into your lives.

My entire life has been one of prophetic movements, which God has allowed. What I have experienced privately, the Church has experienced.

As one who loves the Church passionately, I have felt on my own body the whips satan uses against Holy Mother Church.

Grieving over the great ruptures in the unity of Catholicism, which have been there my entire adult life, but which are now obvious. forms part of this suffering.

God will prevail. The Church will remain until Christ comes again.

But, those of us in the remnant may have to learn to live under the shadow of evil, without giving in.

We are a generation like our fathers or grandfathers who fought in WWII. Get ready. The battle is real and it is hard.