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Saturday, 29 November 2014

The Poinsettia Problem

I have known about this since 2006...does anyone know if this issue has been resolved?

The irony of raising flowers to honor Christ's birth and funding the murder of millions of babies....

Updates from readers needed.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Poinsettias from ECKE RANCH fund Planned Parenthood's abortions

When Christian churches flooded their facilities with poinsettias to celebrate the Christmas season, odds are that at least some of the money they paid for the blooms will be dedicated to paying for abortions, a new report reveals.

According to the Corporate Funding Project assembled and released by Life Decisions International, the Paul Ecke Ranch business of Ecinitas, Calif., has been added to its Boycott List because of its support for Planned Parenthood, the biggest abortion advocacy organization in the world and the largest U.S. provider in the abortion industry.


Officials at Paul Ecke Ranch declined to return multiple WND messages requesting comment. But on their website, they boast "approximately 70 percent of all the flowering poinsettias in the USA and more than 50 percent worldwide get their start at the Paul Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, California."


However, the LDI list, developed with years of experience, and updated regularly, is recognized "by virtually all pro-life/pro-family organizations" as the source of information regarding support for Planned Parenthood.

"Many good pro-life people are unknowingly participating in abortion by their daily purchases," a supporter, Ruth Enero, wrote the company. "Luckily, LDI's research provides an effective vehicle for countering the massive corporate funding of the abortion industry. Because the widespread use of the LDI Boycott List can bring an end to abortion, I talk up this organization at every opportunity. …"


It has become tradition in the United States for most churches and many homes to use poinsettia plants to create a beautiful festive atmosphere.

Before you purchase your poinsettias this year, you should be aware that the largest distributor of these plants, Paul Ecke Ranch, is a major supporter of Planned Parenthood.

The Ecke family members have, for years, been honored by Planned Parenthood of San Diego as one of their biggest abortion supporters.

Those opposed to Planned Parenthood have been getting the word out about the Ecke–Planned Parenthood connection and it has impacted the Ecke Ranch to the point where it cut back on its production of poinsettias last year and is licensing its name to other growers.

We ask everyone who loves life to be sure to check the source of your poinsettia plants before you buy them. If they carry the name of Ecke Ranch, pass them up and look for another brand.

US Largest Poinsettia Farmers among Planned Parenthood's Biggest Donors
LifeSiteNews ^ | 1/16/06 | Hilary White 
Posted on 1/16/2006, 9:17:21 PM by wagglebee
ENCINITAS, January 16, 2005 ( – Many pro-life organizations use Christmas season sales of poinsettias to raise funds, but according to a US-based researcher, so do Planned Parenthood and other abortionists in the US. James Hartline, a Christian activist in California wrote to warning that the poinsettias decorating the churches and homes of Christians in the US could easily originate from a family-owned business that has been supporting abortion for decades.
The Ecke Ranch in Encinitas, California, supplies 70% of all of the poinsettias sold in the United States and the Ecke family is among the most generous supporters of Planned Parenthood and long-time political activists for the abortion movement. The Ecke family features prominently in the major donors list in the fall 2005 edition of the San Diego/Riverside County Planned Parenthood Newsletter.
In November 2005, the Ecke family were present at the dedication of the new Carlsbad California Planned Parenthood facility renovation for which they had donated $250,000. In gratitude for their life-long support, the facility’s directors gave the Ecke family a catered dinner to honour them for their support of abortion.
Paul Ecke, the heir to the three-generation poinsettia empire, said of his siblings' upbringing as political abortion activists, "As children, we licked a lot of envelopes, we made a lot of phone calls, we walked door-to-door to encourage people to vote.” Among those causes, he said was promoting Planned Parenthood.
In an interview today, Hartline called for a boycott of the Ecke family’s poinsettias. Hartline told that acting on this information could “take millions of dollars away” from Planned Parenthood in short order.