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Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Those Who Want To Be Saints

On Sunday after Mass and Adoration, I went to bed for a long rest as I felt like I was coming down with a cold, which I have not had for years and years. I just do not get colds. However, a cold did not develop, but tonight I do not feel well again, like I am just run down. Please pray for me.

I feel the exhaustion of much prayer and ministry, which I did not expect coming here. As I am by myself most of the day, please pray for me for physical and spiritual strength. I love walking on the promenade and taking in the sea air, but it has been raining for hours and very windy.

The Dark Night can be tiring. I think I am a bit battle weary as well. Please pray for my health.

God does make new doughnuts every day. I met a wonderful person who is a new convert. These new converts impress me so much, choosing Catholicism against the wishes of friends and family, and striving for holiness. They bring new life into the Church.

God is raising up a new army of those who want to be saints.