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Sunday, 28 December 2014

A most difficult year coming to an end...

We all have what we can call the annus horribilis, the worst year, or one of the worst years of our lives.

Perhaps it was the year one lost a spouse to an unwanted divorce or to death,

Perhaps it was the year one lost a child to death.

Perhaps it was a year when one lost a job, a home, status.

Perhaps it was a year one had cancer and operations.

This past year has been one of the most difficult in my life as I did not see my son for fifteen months until this past short holiday. Not seeing one's child for any length of time, not knowing when one will see that child again, not being able to share birthdays, or special days must be one of the worst sufferings a mum can experience. One just carries suffering around in one's soul, quietly, until it carves out a place for God to come and stay. But, consolations do not necessarily come with God's Presence.

One gives one's children to God and then lets God take them wherever and whenever He chooses. We raise our children to be virtuous and mature adults and let them go do what God created them to do.

My son belongs to God, Mary and the Church, not me. But, I wish I could live in the same country as he does. Please continue to pray for that miracle, and that I do not lose confidence that God wants me in Auld Blighty. One walks in darkness while faith, hope and charity bring one to the fullness of God's plan.