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Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Coming to Conclusions about Malta

From what I have personally witnessed in four extended visits here, since 2011, I do not believe there will ever be a Tridentine Mass culture here in Malta.

The older generation is fast disappearing, and those seventy and younger are content with the Novus Ordo. Too many priests in high positions do not support the TLM or even the Latin NO. As noted, one prominent priest said from the pulpit that "Latin is divisive."

Even conservative priests do not push for, work for, or promote the TLM. I only know of two who say it privately, one is Rome and the other, now that he is a pastor, may not be saying it at all.
There are 423,282 inhabitants in Malta, with the largest increase since 2013 being non-Catholics.
In fact, most of the new immigrants are not Christians.
To pretend that this will be a haven for the TLM seems to be wishful thinking. 
In fact, the climate for having any, much less regular TLMs, is worse than four years ago.
I have not met any Maltese seminarians from the seminary here. Whether they are pro-TLM...?

IMO, without the TLM, there will be no renewal of the Church here and Catholicism will die.