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Monday, 22 December 2014


Precious Life founder given restraining order  and ordered to pay compensation
The founder of Irish pro-life group Precious Life was convicted of harassment of Dawn Purvis, manager of Marie Stopes centre in Northern Ireland, on the 19th of November 2014. Yesterday, she was ordered pay £2,000 compensation and received a five-year restraining order to stay away from Dawn Purvis or anyone seeking to enter Marie Stopes. Bernadette Smyth has also been excluded from going within 20 yards of the Belfast clinic. Solicitor Aiden Carlin commented on the case saying, “Those who stand and pray outside Marie Stopes and other abortion facilities throughout the UK and Ireland are as much a part of society as the rest. Bernadette Smyth is a very highly respected Christian who has earned public recognition for her tireless work. She has campaigned worldwide on behalf of the unborn for over 17 years. Bernadette Smyth has totally refuted this allegation and invites Christians everywhere to follow the next stage of her landmark case which has the potential to shape how the law is interpreted and applied in future.” [17 December, Precious Life]

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