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Friday, 5 December 2014

Many Prayers for Several People, Please and A Story

Please remember in your prayers this weekend the following. S for migraines, T for a fever and flu, R for sciatica, and L for cancer. Also, several families I know are struggling with either siblings or children who are left the Faith. Thanks for remembering them in your prayers, please.

Also, a Maltese man told me an interesting tale this morning. When the Muslims took over Gozo, all the men were put in jail and all the young women were made sex slaves. This was in the 16th Century, in 1551.

A few of the girls escaped, got into a boat and went to Malta where they made their way to the Grand Master of the Order. He sent word to the King of Sicily, who sent a fleet of ships and retook Gozo.

Sicily then sent troops to reconquer Gozo, and men, women, and children to repopulate Gozo, as the Muslims had only spared one monk and 40 old men.

All the rest, about 6,000 people were either killed or taken to Africa and sold as slaves at Tripoli, a former Knights of Malta city, taken over by the Muslims as well.

My friend's family dates back to those Sicilians who came over to re-populate Gozo.

I hope the Maltese keep their long memories and find in their hearts a new courage, as well as faithfulness to Holy Mother Church.