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Saturday, 20 December 2014

Praying About A Decision

Over the past few days, I have been thinking about discontinuing the blog. I wanted to wait until I had a real community instead of a virtual community, but it is getting more difficult to blog for several reasons.

I am praying about this. I honestly do not feel that my blog is necessary for news, as there are so many Catholic news services, and people like Michael Voris do a fantastic job.

I have said much of what I want to share with people and have realized that there are limitations as to what I can write. The only thing I have not shared, which I think is important, is more commentary on St. Thomas Aquinas.

Also, the danger of blogging has become more and more real to me since August of this year. Governments, and some individuals, hate bloggers, as we are free of the moneyed and other influences with whom large media groups have decided to cooperate.

In addition, my numbers are down, as people want zazzy political Church gossip which I am not going to push on this blog. Religion is not the same as Vatican politics.

So, dear Readers, pray for me in this time of discernment.

I am also called to more prayer and quiet. I have to find the balance here in this type of ministry.