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Monday, 1 December 2014

Repost Five for St. Edmund's Day

Tuesday, 6 May 2014

The Bureaucratic Mind vs. Our Lady of Walsingham

Christendom is dead, which is a huge shame. In the days when being a Christian meant something in Europe, the open borders of the Catholic countries allowed those who were suffering under tyrants to go abroad and keep the Faith.

Such were the foundations of Douay, Valladolid, the Venerabile, and St. Omer opened in order to create "Seminary Priests", who would go back to England and serve the Catholics under the horrible laws of Elizabeth I.

Among the great seminary priests was St. Edmund Campion.

Three hundred priests, according to some records, were back in England by the end of Elizabeth's reign.

Here is a map from an interesting website found here.

We have a new problem in Europe now, which is the drastic new laws driven by the bureaucrats, regarding the entry of those who want to be priests, or want to be missionaries in Great Britain. The EU will make it more difficult to re-evangelize Europe from the outside.

Such families which helped the Catholic Cause in the past have died out or are dying out.

The mind of the bureaucrat apprehends numbers and political correctness.

I weep for my adopted country. I love the great heritage of the martyred seminary priests.

Will Catholicism die out in this fair country, Mary's Dowry?

Remember that Pope Leo XIII stated that when England returns to Walsingham, Mary will return to England.

Pray to God that I can return and work in the vineyard of England for the glory of God. This is on my heart and mind daily. My dear son is there already, being trained to work for the Kingdom of God. God has put this great love of this little island on our hearts, and in our minds and souls.

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