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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Anti-Terrorism Efforts Will Lead to One World Government

The EU is trying to get Arab nations to work together to help control "radicalization". This call came out of a meeting today

Now the EU wants to "integrate" or share data across borders to control terrorists.

However, one can see how this type of system could be abused to control Catholics, for example, as the Church is the largest anti-state institution, in the sense that the Church rightly sees herself at the only institution on earth created by the Second Person in the Blessed Trinity.

Think how all these incidents will take away freedom, just as the Patriot Act in the States has. A fear culture reaches out for safety, the curtailing of rights and the targeting of so-called groups which challenge certain state laws, such as the laws which are contrary to the teachings of Christ.

When people lose religion, they lose freedom. When man-made religions threaten the one, true, holy, and apostolic Church, the states will not turn to protect the Church any longer, but create laws which will stop the international freedom the Church has had.