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Saturday, 24 January 2015

Denial of Sin/Denial of Grace

Those who want to psychoanalyze the reasons for terrorism do so because they belong to the large group of people which denies sin. This group spans continents.

By making excuses, such a poverty or alienation, causes for terrorism, which these things are not necessarily, many of  the terrorists coming from comfortable if not wealthy backgrounds, those who blame society as the same ones who do not believe in sin.

The belief in sin demands that people take personal responsibility for their actions. Our choices cannot be blamed on environmental factors. Saints have grown out of the most dire of circumstances.

God gives sufficient grace for salvation to all peoples. The sociological paradigm denies both individual reponsbility and grace.

Socialism, among Catholic thinkers and even Catholic voters, has deadened the keen awareness that all of us must stand before God in the particular judgment; being shown every sin we every committed, every time we said no to grace, and all the opportunities for holiness which were passed by each one of us in our lifetimes. Socialism takes away personal responsiblity for life choices and the concept, as well as the reality, of the dignity of the individual.

To allow certain groups to play the victim means that we are not holding them up to the same standard of good and evil which made European nations civilized in the past.

Christendom and law were based on the Ten Commandments and natural law.

Now, these moral frameworks are ignored by courts and even Catholics across the world.

The denial of sin has created the chaos of the West. And, there is only one way out of a life of sin, the acceptance of Christ as Savior, as God.