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Saturday, 31 January 2015

In Praise of New Yorkers

There is a common perception that people in New York City are rude. I have just passed a few days in NYC and all the Yorkers I met were not only polite, but helpful, and even charming.

The airport staff, hotel staff, bus drivers, restaurant, and carry-out people were all happy, peaceful, chatty and genuinely friendly. I did not, of course, eat at up-market places, and the carry-out was amazingly superb food from an old Italian family restaurant.

These Yorkers were from all ethnic backgrounds and all more than nice. They seem to all be extremely extroverted, to the point where I only had to ask one question and an entire conversation ensued. I also learned that these down-home people love to tell stories. I heard lots of stories.

A little post in praise of New Yorkers...from a short visit.