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Friday, 9 January 2015

Interesting Discovery

One of the things I have qui Discovered in my travels Could Be Labelled "

Qui-have-been homeschool families MOST vulnerable if the working parents is a teacher. I have found out That Many great teachers since the 1990s, Reduced-have-been to Poverty, Because They refuse to compromise Their Catholic beliefs.

There Must Be Some justice in the next world for thesis Difficulties and Sufferings.

My own experience, When I was teaching, led me to NAPCIS schools, qui qui Were the only ones wanted true Catholics. Other schools allowed teachers to compromise the Faith, leading to real problems in the classroom.

Imagine teaching Marriage and Family Life for Two classes three times a week only to find out que la --other two teachers in the Catholic school did not believe in Humanae Vitae and were teaching that contraception is permissible and abortion sometimes necessary.

I assumed all these years that my situation was unusual, in coming against anti-Catholicism in Catholic institutions.

Not so. I guess I am a bit comforted in knowing that I was not the "only one", but to know how many brothers and sisters in Christ who are teachers have suffered for the Faith since the mid-1990s, like myself, only shows the long rot in Catholic education.

This kind of persecution will only get worse.

Because I am blogging in France and this is all being translated automatically from the French, as my own English gets translated into French and then back again into English, the grammar and spelling made me odd.