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Thursday, 22 January 2015

My Prediction...

Within years, if not months, we shall in the States, and I have believed this since 2008, live like pigs in a pen, unable to move about. The middle class will have dissolved and the poor will be in camps or severely stationed areas.

In Europe, nations will put their people in a cattle like state of non-movement even between now open borders. Only the few rich will be allowed to travel openly and the poor, as there will be no middle class, will be confined to their own areas without freedom of movement.

I began to see these things in 2008 and now, I know these things will come to pass.

Restrictions of the poor, destruction of the middle class, mean nothing to the uber-rich who has been part of the plan all along.

I am not a Marxist, but neither am I stupid about the signs of the times.

Seven years down the road and I see mistakes I have made. I should have moved sooner and with more information.

Governments will not have to enact huge, draconian laws, because middle-management lackies, as in Nazi Germany, the silent majority who cared more about a jobs than morals, to let a Holocaust happen. Jews, Catholics, independents....

There is no need for huge laws when subtle laws are on the books and people who have been instructed to not think implement these. Jobs with quotas, jobs which demand some type of "loyalty to the system" mixed with people who have been raised with no moral framework will mind the store.

This is not fantasy and Europe has seen it all before.