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Monday, 26 January 2015

Rant Time

I am so tired of hearing that the laity cannot find the Truth about the Faith.

The Catholic Faith is not something kept in secret or arcane knowledge. One can find teachings in books, videos, CDs, DVDs,  blogs, online forum, television and so on.

For adults to hide behind ignorance in this age of information does not wash.

Why does the myth continue? Life-long learning has been taught in schools since the 1970s. Who are these Catholics who refuse to read and listen?

Yet another person told me that his family refuses to look at Michael Voris, Alive newspaper, Crisis Magazine and so on.

Several things come to bear on this blindness. Sloth, anti-intellectualism, denial of responsibility.

It is always easier to blame Father Lukewarm or Sister Too-Strict for one's own deficiencies.

I came to the conclusion a long time ago that the main reason members of the laity do not pursue studying the Faith is that they have a sin they refuse to give up-such as contraception, or an irregular marriage.

When one refuses to repent, one shuts the door on the gifts of the Holy Spirit given to all, yes all, Catholics at Confirmation. One is knowledge.

One of the oldest institutions in the world is Catholic education. But, if parents do not do the core teaching at home, it is useless in most cases. A teacher can only back up what the parents do at home.

The Church has never been anti-intellectual. Anti-intellectualism in Christianity began in the Protestant Revolt.

One priest said that the Irish were never good about learning things on their own. Another priest told me the British were historically in modern times too dependent on their priests.

Rant, rant, rant.

Christ was a teacher as well as savior, messiah, priest.

We are responsible, each one of us, for our adult appropriation of the Faith.

Hence, I blog.