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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Slavery of the Will; Freedom of the Will Part Ten

We are reminded in Father Ripperger's talk on Spiritual Theology that mortal sin removes one's ability to grow in grace.

If one is in mortal sin, such as living in an irregular marriage or living in a homosexual relationship, one can merit nothing.

Why? Because justice demands that we give God His due worship. Due worship is actually loving God, and God sees this love and love of Himself. God wants to see Him in us.

No one can give due worship, that is love God in justice, if one is in mortal sin.

Therefore, going to Holy Communion when one is in mortal sin not only denies God justice, but also due worship.

God does not see His love in the person who is living in disobedience to Him. Justice, therefore, is denied to God.

Disorder in the will because of sin must be dealt with in Confession. Mortal sin means that God sees that one has turned away from God, one breaks the union with God. The soul is unsuited for God, says Thomas Aquinas.

God deserves due worship. He deserves our love. If He looks at us and does not see a soul facing Him, He is not worshipped correctly.

Why admit people in mortal sin to Communion when these people get NO merit and they are not giving due worship to God?

That creates the sin of sacrilege. God retracts the causation of grace in the soul when one is in mortal sin. Prayers for friends and family members are useless for the person in mortal sin. The person in mortal sin cannot intercede for anyone. We need grace to intercede, to do holy things, to actuate the virtues, to do good works.

In mortal sin, we lose the love of God, which Thomas Aquinas states.

Why is it that so many of the synodal fathers do not know these basic teachings of the Church?

In mortal sin, first to go is love of God, second is hope, then faith. So teaches Fr. Ripperger using Thomas Aquinas.

The only way to get out of mortal sin is to return to God in the sacrament of Confession and repent of the sinful lifestyle. Period. Father Ripperger gives us a simple set of points,which I have shared here, which help us understand the effect of serious sin.