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Monday, 5 January 2015

Slavery of the Will; Freedom of the Will Part Eleven

All of us have been predestined for a place in heaven. As I noted in the previous posts on this theme, all humans ever created have been given sufficient grace for salvation. All.

No one has been denied this.

Those who are demanding recognition of sin in their lives, or those cardinals who are allowing people to stay in sin are denying grace and not being faithful to grace.

The first thing we must always do to be holy is to stop sinning. This is possible as all of us are given grace to do this. Pain and suffering do not matter.

We are to be like God, and to remain in sin is to reject God's invitation to be like Him.

I wish one cardinal who is confused on these issues would read Thomas Aquinas, Garrigou-Lagrange and listen to such Thomists as Father Ripperger.

Beg for grace, all grace, actual, sanctifying, in order to give glory to God, to merit heaven, and to serve others in the Church.

My entire perfection series in on purgation. That is what our life is now...of which Father Ripperger reminds us, to be purged of sin and adorn our selves in virtue.

Accept suffering, either here or in purgatory....that is what some of the synodal fathers are forgetting.