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Friday, 23 January 2015

They Come From Dust Part Eight

While the Americas were reeling from volcanoes, earthquakes, anarchy and martial law, Europe remained stable under the relatively new Europe divided into independent nations, pre-EU, and the old Soviet-style union under Russia of almost all the former Soviet states.

Only two nations of the old grouping of republics were still engaged in civil war, or rather, war against Russia, and those were Lithuania and Poland, helped by secret Catholic groups of militia called "The Knights of Karl". Malta and Gibraltar had been saved already by the Knights, and held on as the only free governments in all of Europe.The rest were being absorbed slowly into the old-new Soviet Union, now called, simply "Russia". Russia had given up on both small countries after sustaining huge losses from local vigilante groups, which had grown up unexpectedly. The Islamists had also tried to reclaim both countries but the blood of the Maltese rose up against both foes. Gibraltar had been a lucky win. One of the ships coming to land troops from the new Empire of the Caliphate had mysteriously disappeared off the coast of Africa. The Knights of Karl and these independent Catholic groups held on to these small islands. The Pope was on one of them, but no one was sure which one. Or, so rumor had it....Rome was under the fascists, yet again.

France, Great Britain, Ireland, Germany, Italy and Austria were under complete fascist tyrannies, while the remaining European countries had independent Marxist governments. Four countries were now completely under Muslim rule, with sharia law and completely closed borders. These were Spain, parts of France up to Tours, Portugal and Greece. These areas were called the Empire of the Caliphate. The "free"parts of France were under a small fascist tyranny and merely called the New Republic.

All the nations had complete control over their own borders. In fact, after the fall of the EU, the entire government structures quickly reverted to fascist tyrannies, as if everything had been in place for this to happen. And, in fact that had been the case. What Mason did not know was that Adam was on a plane to Poland, after meeting with the Knights of Karl secretly near the only airport running flights to Europe in the chaos, the new Eleanor Roosevelt Airport out of northern New York City. He had been interrupted in his walk to Mason's cabin. Father Gibson had interrupted his plans.

What Mason did not know, but what Janet knew, was that Adam was an important liaison for arms to help Poland and Lithuania. The fact that his father co-owned IsaacJet, the only company with non-stop flights to Europe at this point, helped Adam in his work. IsaacJet had been named after Adam's brother who died as a child. IsaacJet was also co-owned by the late Karen O Melaghlin's father, a prominent Catholic businessman who mysteriously escaped many of the threats and financial fines inflicted upon Catholics for various "crimes" against the "common good". The late president's late wife had been Catholic. Adam had known Karen well. But, that is another story. Her maiden name had been Levi, and her dad had converted to Catholicism from Judaism when a Pope had saved the life of an Israeli cabinet minister by personally intervening with the Russians, who had taken he minister captive after a meeting in Moscow. Why the Russians gave up such a prize hostage to Rome was a mystery. Some thought millions of lira had been part of the bargain. Some thought that the Pope appealed to the superstitions of the Russian leadership. But, for whatever reason, Mr. Levi became an ardent Catholic and friend of Adam's father in the process. The two met frequently and not only for business reasons. Adam's father was also a convert. Adam's last name was Pereira d'Aguilar.

What Adam exactly did was not known, but the new order of The Knights of Karl, started by the Bishop of Springfield a few years back, was extremely successful at recruiting new young members of freedom fighters for Europe, now completely abandoned by America, or rather, by the new Pan-American Empire.

What Mason also did not know was that Father Gibson, the national chaplain of the Knights, was on that plane to Krakow. Janet knew. She also knew that Father Gibson carried with him the largest relic of St. John Paul II, a gift to Poland from the Pope, through the network of the Knights, secretly smuggled out of Rome to America.

That Europe have reverted so quickly back astounded the majority of Americans, but not all. Not all.

Mason came back out of the bedroom after giving time to Janet to dress again and get ready for her day. Jimmy was standing outside by the front door. He had given up cigarettes years ago, but for some reason, today, he wanted to smoke badly. Perhaps, he thought, it was nerves. Or, perhaps, it just did not matter any more how long one lived. Jimmy noticed he was sinking into negativity. He needed to change his thoughts. Just then, Janet came up to him. Brandy stood behind her.

"Do you feel like joining us in Lauds?" Jimmy sighed. It was good he was here.

to be continued....