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Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Benefactors Needed

One of the images in my mind from an apocalyptic movie I saw years ago was that of two people walking over highly expensive jewelry scattered on the ground and worthless.

With the ending of the world as they knew it, these people only wanted food, water, weapons, shelter.

Beautiful gems may as well have been ugly rocks.

I think of the many people who, before the terrible event in the movie, would have spent thousands on jewels instead of on charity. I think of Mrs. Jeb Bush, who is acting like the wife of a dictator. What she spent in one store on stuff would buy a small house of prayer. But, then I do not like Bulgari jewelry.

I am still praying and asking for benefactors for the House of Adoration. Recently, a young deacon who will be ordained in a few months told me that America should be dotted with small, quiet, neighborhood adoration chapels. I agree with him 100%. That is my vision.

Christ for the remnant Church.....

Please pray about this.

All things start small, and some stay small, but some grow according to God's plan.