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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Hearts of Trust

One of the questions people have asked me in the past, especially if they have read the Acts of the Apostles, and the list of miracles reported by St. Augustine in the City of God, is this “Why are there not miracles like in the days of the Early Church, or in the dioceses and shrines, as in the days of St. Augustine?”

There is a simple answer to this question, and that is “People lack faith.” Too many times, Catholics work out of their own power, their own abilities and do not trust in God alone. Trusting in God alone, trusting in Divine Providence proves to be a tricky state of mind and soul.

One cannot fall into the sin of presumption, which assumes that God must and will answer one's prayers. Nor can one fall into doubt.

This position of trust really comes only after the Dark Night, when one has been purified to the point that one is no longer either presumptuous or doubting. To be in that state of complete trust demands a deep humility. Until one is purified, one vacillates between presuming that God will answer one's prayers and doubt that He will do so. Humility alone brings about the detachment necessary for pure prayer.

Miracles are rare, always, but more miracles could come from the Will of God if people really believed that He wanted to create these miracles.

A person must get beyond trusting in people, but it is true that the People of God can work miracles as well.

I have friend who was literally homeless with four children after her husband left her. Her miracle came when she finally found a sensitive and non-officious person in the welfare office to “hear” her after several tries.

God must move people to do good. As St. Teresa of Avila writes, our hands are His Hands.

I need several miracles. Most of my readers who have been following me know what these are. God works in mysterious ways, as we all know, as He is deferring these miracles while I am being humbled and put into the position where it is obvious that only He can find the solution.

To trust in God completely shows God that one loves Him as God, and as Father.

The miracles of the Early Church came from hearts of trust.