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Monday, 16 February 2015

The Days of Teaching

For many years, I have taught the Faith. This is my vocation, or one of them. One of the problems all of us teachers have is that there are always some who walk away from the class not having learned anything.

Either they did not do their homework, their reading, or they did not reflect on the subject. Sometimes, students crammed to get a grade and not to learn the subject.

As adults, all Catholics are responsible for their own learning of the Faith. They cannot get out of this serious call to appropriate Catholic teaching.

This call to adult learning is the main reason for this blog.

But, knowledge is the beginning only of this appropriation. The perfection series calls all to prayer and meditation.

Reading, studying, prayer, meditation takes time.

People tell me they do not have time.

Some tips for time management:

  1. Get rid of the television. Do not listen to the radio in the car. One can pray better without both.
  2. Do not waste time shopping. Be organized and do not use shopping as a hobby or therapy.
  3. Set a time for prayer and reading and keep to this daily. I suggest early mornings. 
  4. If you have a spouse, give each other time for prayer by working and playing with the children.
  5. If you have a long commute, use the time in the car for the rosary and listening to Voris or other orthodox talks.
  6. Read the daily readings if you cannot get to daily Mass.
  7. Make a spiritual communion daily.
God bless your efforts. Time is short for all bloggers and we know this.