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Monday, 2 March 2015

Brave Voris

Some people are criticizing Mr. Voris regarding his take on Father Hesburgh. Mr. Voris speaks the truth, which we all need to hear.

I was at Notre Dame from January, 1979 to September, 1984.  I can testify that this priest was not faithful to the teaching of the Catholic Church, and in fact, ruined the Catholicity of that once great light in the darkness.

Pray for this priest, for his immortal soul. Many of us orthodox Catholics were personally afflicted for our stands in the classroom because of the atheists who were teaching us at Notre Dame.

I was told by the head of my graduate department,an atheist, ex-priest and a Marxist, to my face, that "One cannot be a Catholic and a scholar in the 20th century." I told him that there was two-thousand years of history to prove him wrong.

He, among others, was a Hesburgh appointment.

The doctors in the university clinic asked every woman and girl coming to them if they wanted contraceptives.

Enough adulation for a priest who did not love the one, true, holy, Catholic and apostolic Church.

We all knew his duplicity when I was there. We understood and saw clearly the hypocrisy. I can say for sure that Notre Dame and the two-faced Catholicism of those days stopped my career in higher education in America, and caused others to leave who should have stayed and carried on.

Do not kid yourselves that the lack of faith of both Fr. McBrien and Fr. Hesburgh affected thousands of students throughout the years to not only become liberal Catholics, but finally to leave the Faith.

God expects public penance for public sins. Reparation was never made by these two prominent priests who chose status, fame, wealth over the simplicity of the Gospel; they did not love Holy Mother Church.

I pray that St. Andre Bessette intercedes for Fr. Hesburgh. The contrast between these two men, one a saint, could not be greater.