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Monday, 30 March 2015

Interruption Again and News from Scotland

Within three weeks, I shall have an interruption in wifi service again. The friend who has allowed me to us her Internet will be moving away, changing her lifestyle, and I shall be walking back to the local hamburger place for use of the Net. Thankfully, the weather is changing for the better, but the fast-food place is not a nice area to go and sit with some serious "spiritual warfare" happening there. It is a creepy place, in other words.

The nice thing about going to the cafes for usage is that I am free to be off the Net and not distracted by "checking email" and so on during the day. I am fairly organized and usually leave my mornings and evenings for prayers, as well as the mid-day and three o'clock prayer times, but I do check things sometimes, not daily, late at night. Basically, I am online only in the afternoon and late night, if then.

My day is on American time, but my computer usage is on GMT.

This type of schedule will all end in three weeks. I would love to move to get to a place where I can get to daily Mass--has been hard being in the desert.

By the way, sad news from St. Andrew's and Edinburgh Diocese....