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Saturday, 28 March 2015

Malta Day on The Blog

Today, most of my posts are about Malta.

Here are photos from my Christmas visit with STS. I had not seen him for fifteen months--too long!

Enjoy, and pray for this brave, little island so close to my heart.

Advertisements on the plane engines! Explaining Maltese goodies!

One of the famous Cats of Malta asleep in the local, corner store below. Miss the cats of Malta.

The artwork and holy items are from the great museum at Rabat.


One of the saints of Malta tends the ill and wounded

Roman Mosaic from the Roman Villa at Rabat built during the reign of Claudius.

Tomb in the catacombs at Rabat dating backs thousands of years.

Supertradmum looking towards St. Paul's Bay where St. Paul was shipwrecked. I am wearing layers because of the cold.

Maltese wine and potato skins for a late lunch looking towards St. Paul's Bay. 

A seminarian who obviously needs blacks!

"Mother, do not take my photo, again!"

STM on a freezing cold day on Gozo at the oldest ruins of temples in the world, the Ä gantija Temples. More may be found here.