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Friday, 13 March 2015

STM Rant #44

For weeks, I have seen a man in my neighborhood walking his dog. A few days ago, I discovered this man was a woman. When I came back from Europe in January, I was shocked at the fact that so many women in New York, New Jersey, and other states look like men. They dress like men and walk like men, and sit like men.

The women in Ireland looked great and very feminine, at least in Dublin. I never saw jeans in Church, and even on the street, women looked womanly.

Same in France and in Malta.

What has happened here? Now, when I am alone and cleaning the garage or something like, I wear sometimes trousers, or when I am on a ladder inside painting or washing windows inside, I may wear trousers.

I do not wear trousers outside, nor jackets that look like male jackets or unisex clothes. My spring coat from the second-hand store is bright blue plaid with a belt and very feminine.

And, I have comfy shoes which are not sneakers...what is with the ubiquitous sport shoes?

I am proud to be a woman and to be and to act feminine.

The problem in America is not physical. but spiritual. The more a woman usurps a male role, the more she will look and act like a man.

At this point, I am sure there are demonic influences involved.

From the back, watching several couples of older people in a Catholic group, I could not tell, honestly, who were the males and who were the females.

Catholic women must come to the forefront of this real spiritual battle for feminine identity.

My grandmother, a real lady, who died a long time ago in 1994, told me once that the skinny, short-haired look of the 1920s was popular because so many men were becoming homosexual and/or peter pans in Europe...she said men began to prefer child-like looking women rather than mature looking, in body, women. They did not want to be challenged with dating or marrying a "real woman". Grandma said the "boy look" was preferred by weak men. She was born in 1900 and saw the change.

She was right, as in that and so many other things. It is, actually, immodest for a woman to dress like a man. Why?

What is with the Harley-Davidson leather jackets on women? A lady from New York told me what this style is called....not repeating the name of it in nice company.

Modesty is a sub-virtue of humility. Humility is being true to one's self--being honest--as well as not attracting attention to one's self.

'Nuff said..

Some men's clothes, btw...

  OK, be honest. Is the jacket below for a real woman? Compare...

Or,  this? Hands down, a feminine coat.