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Friday, 20 March 2015

The Lie of Faith-Based Government

The State in America and the United Kingdom have supported a lie that these governments are faith-based. These are not.

This lie makes Catholics believe that they will be protected by the State. With a national church in the United Kingdom, people are lulled into thinking that the Queen and Parliament follow God's Will.

This, of course, is obviously not so. The Queen signed the ssm bill, for example, and Parliament approved women bishops.

The American Supreme Court "legalized" abortion and will legalize ssm.

These governments are worse than the pagan governments of old, worse, as those nations did not have legal standings for either abortion or ssm.

For Catholics to pretend these governments will protect religion must be the biggest deception on the part of so many in the pew.

Neither government is faith-based. In fact, as there is no middle ground for morality, one must say these governments have chosen to follow satan, not God.

There is no neutral in morality.