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Thursday, 19 March 2015

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There are smoking timebombs in the Church about the Holy Spirit inspiring the will.

No, no, no.

The Holy Spirit inspires the intellect and the intellect chooses

God manifests Himself as truth in the intellect. The virtues of faith and hope are intellectual virtues.

They have to do with truth.

They are manifested through the will which exemplifies faith and hope in love.

CARITAS IN VERITATE...truth in love.

The danger is now presently diabolical forces poisoning the intellect talking about the Holy Spirit taking over our wills.

NO! When our decision conforms with the Holy Spirit, love is seen.

The Holy Spirit does not take us over like puppets.

The Charismatics do this all the time.

Heresy and dangerous.

This leads to the idea that the majority is always right. If God wanted something, it happens.

God's consequent will is where we have blocked God and denied His grace.

God's antecedent will is that all will be saved and all things will be good. But, because of the sacredness of our free will, the sanctity of free will allows for evil.

The sanctity of the will is based on the premise that we are only free to do good.

By doing good, we wish good, we manifest our wills in love. That is the definition of love is to will good.

Love is in the will.

I know this personally.