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Tuesday, 21 April 2015

A Reminder of a Good Link on the SSPX

[Masses of SSPX priests are valid but illicit.] Father Z

[Ehem… yes, that is true about fulfilling the obligations on days of precept. However, since they lack faculties to receive sacramental confessions, they do not impart valid absolution except in danger of death and they have no authority to witness marriages, so matrimony lacks canonical form.] Fr. Z.

The priests of the SSPX have no ability to witness marriages. Matrimony lacks canonical form. Also, they have no faculties to receive sacramental confessions which is necessary for validity of the absolution except in the case of danger of death.] Fr. Z.

[No. Priests of the Latin Church must… MUST… have the faculty to receive sacramental confessions. In the case of danger of death, the law itself gives any priest of the Latin church (even those who were “laicized”) the faculty in that moment. If the priest does not have the faculty to receive sacramental confessions, under normal circumstances, the absolution is invalid. This has nothing to do with schism. In the Latin Church proper canonical form for matrimony must be observed. Part of the proper canonical form is that the one who witnesses the marriage for the Church (priest, deacon, in rare circumstances a lay person duly appointed) must be officially designated as such a witness. What the Orthodox do in their Church is… whatever. We of the Latin Church follow our Latin Church Law.] Fr. Z.