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Saturday, 18 April 2015

From Kathy Sinnott in Ireland

Dear Friends,

We have just received notice that the Supreme Court will give Judgement in the Childrens Rights Referendum Challenge Friday next, 24th April at 12 noon in the Supreme Court.

432/13 Jordan & Referendum Act 1994 342 & 361/14 Jordan v Min for Children & ors

Given the McCrystal judgement and the strength of the case,, we are very hopeful that the Supreme Court will protect our right as citizens  to referenda without illegal interference from government. If the Supreme Court gives a favourable judgement in the petition the Childrens Rights Referendum result will be void and a rerun will be called by the court. If a favourable judgement is handed down in the plenary case, sections of the Referendum Act will be declared unconstitutional and will have to be amended in a way that protects the citizens right to fair referenda and the result  of the Childrens Rights Referendum will be void.
I am attaching two Notes. one gives background to the Jordan case and the other recaps the provisions of the Childrens Rights amendment.
Everyone is welcome to attend at the Supreme Court for the reading of the judgement next Friday April 24th.
Please keep this case in your prayers and support.
God bless
Kathy Sinnott

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