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Thursday, 16 April 2015

How, Again, To Prepare for Persecution

I have several posts from the last four years floating around this blog on how to prepare and live in persecution.

However, with the days becoming darker, here are, again, a few hints.

  • Learn to trust in Divine Providence-read the posts on Providence
  • Cultivate the virtue of hope, which is needed in dark times...I shall get back to Spe Salvi later today.
  • Understand that the graces given in baptism and confirmation give one great power and strength. 
  • Stay in sanctifying grace.
  • Learn humility, which is self-knowledge, so that you can know your limitations and beg God for help.
  • Find strong Catholics to live close to and with. One cannot endure great suffering in isolation without particular graces from God.
  • Memorize Scripture, You may not be allowed Bibles or books at some time.
  • Learn to love suffering as a gift of purification and intercession for others.
  • Learn patience, which is a sub-virtue of humility. Impatience comes directly from the great sin of pride.
  • Learn how to pray anywhere and everywhere-in cars, waiting for trains, walking--Pray always
  • Teach your children to be saints.
  • Learn to listen to discerning thoughts from your guardian angel. Mine remind me to pray or do something which God wants done.
  • Beg God for everything you need and learn to go without if He withholds certain comforts.
  • Stop wasting time....wasted time leads to a lack of readiness, a lack of zeal.
  • Know that God made you for this time and, therefore, your salvation is connected to these times
  • Pray for those who are far away from God. Many people will be lost when things get really tough.
  • Cooperate with grace-do not turn down opportunities for prayer, Mass, adoration.
  • Again, do not waste time...time is very short.