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Friday, 1 May 2015

A Note to Americans, the English and the Irish on The Feast of St. Joseph the Worker

Dear Friends in Christ,

Judging by the fact that some of you are not interested in preparing for the tribulation, I am addressing an important point.

Politics do not save us or our nations. Holiness does.

Until Catholics stop working as hard for the City of God as they do the City of Man, nothing will change.

I am sorry, but morality in politics will not change until the hearts, minds, souls of the people change.

The vast majority of politics no longer think in terms of either natural law or revealed law.

Therefore, using most of your energies to work at the political level will change nothing.

Read the Fall of the Roman Empire-we are in these times, as I have said on this blog for years.

In one year. Masses will disappear from most areas. Those who speak, preach, write against ssm will be fined or jailed. I have said this for a very long time.

Why do you think pagans will change their minds now? Grace is available but who is preaching and evangelizing. Some people do not even evangelize those around them.

Wake up to the new reality. Now is the time for evangelization, as those days are numbered as well.

St. Joseph lived under a tyranny. You are living under tyrannies. Yes, one should work for change, but real change is in the interior life, not the exterior. The exterior life follows the interior.  St. Joseph never signed a petition, or marched, or voted. He is our example now. How to be humble and holy in the midst of chaos.

What did he do? He kept in his community and built up that community. He lived the life of a holy husband and foster-father.

He knew Who his Foster-Son was. He knew who Mary was.

He died before the preaching of the Kingdom of God openly, but daily he lived in that Kingdom.

Fathers, husbands, brothers, create that Kingdom in your homes, in your work places, with your wives, children, grandchildren. Open your houses to singles, who are most vulnerable at this time, and will be even more so in the future.

Wives, stop pretending that life will go on just as it has. Teach your children to be saints.

Singles, join a religious community or support other singles in your area to become holy. There is no time to waste now.

God will judge us on the time we wasted on trivial things.

Pray, fast, create community.

Do not pretend.

Peace in Christ,