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Sunday, 10 May 2015

From a Member of God's Precious Infants

"I went to the Stratford prayer vigil today - well that was the plan.  While we were at the mass in St Francis of Assisi Church we could hear all this noise.  Banging of drums, shouting, trumpet playing, etc.  We realised who it was straight away.  The pro choice gang. 

There were around 50 of them.  It was well planned.  They had banners, loudspeakers and the rest.  They had blocked the road outside the church so as to prevent our procession going anywhere. The police were there but they were powerless.  The noise was awful.  We turned round to try to exit in the other direction.  There were about 20 of us.  We were again blocked.  They surrounded us.  So we just stayed where we were, knelt down and prayer the rosary there and then.  It was pointless doing anything else.  Police reinforcements were asked for but until then we could only pray, especially for those poor young people who were round us.

A couple of us broke away from the situation including me and went over to the abortion mill to counsel.  We were told that the place was closed but we discovered it was open.  I stayed a while until another lady came to take my place and I returned to the church to see what the situation was.  There was a lot more police there and our small group of Helpers were about to process along to the clinic with all those chanting people all round us.  They tried to block us but the police had more numbers and managed to keep them in check.

They were in front of us making such a racket.  Saying terrible things about us and the church.  Anyway we arrived at the abortion mill and started to pray.  As soon as that happened the pro choice crowd melted away into the pub or into town.  Another surprise we had was that a girl who was going to go for an abortion saw what was happening and changed her mind.  A baby was saved today.  I would go through all that again to save another baby (and the mother).  I got speaking to a lady who wanted to know what was happening and she told me her story about being a young single mother of two children.  They are grown up now but she said that it was hard at first but she was glad to say yes to life.  I gave her a rosary even though she is not a Catholic.  I gave her a rosary prayer card and she said that she would definitely come and pray with others at the weekly vigil." 

A baby was saved...glory be to God.