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Sunday, 3 May 2015

On The Acheiropoieton

Recently, because of the generosity of readers, and thanks again to those who helped, I now have a real chapel, almost complete, lacking only the portable altar, some more brass candlesticks, and linens. Of course, if it is God's Will, I want to be able to be in a diocese where the bishop will let me have the Eucharist in a monstrance for adoration daily.

One of the icons which now adorns one wall is that of the Face Painted Without Hands. The acheiropoieton may have been the image of Christ left on the veil of Veronica, or an original painting by St. Luke, who also in tradition, is the painter of the first icon of Our Lady as well. These are called Hodegetria. 
Salus Populi Romani

This image above is supposedly the original painted by St. Luke of Mary in the house of St. John.

Most of you know that the name Veronica means "true icon", true image of Christ. She, in her compassion and courage, is also a true image of Christ.

This icon now in temporary abode hails from Russia. The soft, loving, and compassionate Face of Christ fills the room with peace and a quiet joy.

I could not find this exact depiction on line, but it is very similar to this one above, only lighter, airier.

Early on, I decided on icons as these are easy to move and I have collected icons since 1994 or so. Some of mine are in storage, and pray I can get someone to help me go through the few things I have there. I do have a few statues, as seen in the photo last week. but I only now have four out.


St. Luke, as well as being a physician and great friend of Our Lady, also was a painter. The original Face of Christ, and the Mary may be contradicted by other claims, but that he did paint their likeness is an ancient tradition in the Church.