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Tuesday, 5 May 2015

The Demon Mischief

One of the definitions of mischief is this---playfulness that is intended to tease, mock, or create trouble. 

Recently, I wrote a blog on trolls as mischief makers, but today, it dawned on me that many people in the Church actually want to create trouble but do so in an underhanded, supposedly playful manner. A man mocking a woman in Church because she wore a mantilla must not be seen as without malice. Why mock? Why does a parent say to a child who wants to kneel down to receive Communion that the young person is trying to merely get attention, when the effort of respect should be praised?

Mockery now involves making fun of people who do not support the gay lifestyles of those who want their sins to be accepted by society. Mockery includes undermining efforts to teach Catholic truth on marriage, and teasing those who want to follow God in all things seems to come even from rather young children.

The demon called Mischief can infect even the supposed innocent teasing of children, who learn to bully in teasing, which turns to mockery, and creates all types of trouble.

Catholics, you will be mocked, and even by family members. 

In law, there remains a criminal definition of mischief. Vandalism may come under the criminal code of mischief, as well as the purposeful as well as negligent accidents which could have been avoided.

Mischief can be seen as done on purpose, with a malicious intent.  What we are seeing in our society are more and more activities which may be called malicious.

Be prepared for these, and learn to be peaceful in the face of mischief. It is a demon with a rather soft sounding name.

Here is a man who has stood up against mischief for years.