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Thursday, 28 May 2015

The Freedom to Pray and Act Is Now...Now!

Please join me in prayer for that place where I can set up the chapel again and pray as I was doing for years. The call to prayer is not an easy out of the lay life, but the heart of the Church and all the actions which come out of the virtues of those doing good works.

A few days ago, I discovered that more people than I have thought, including those who are wealthy, have been refused entry into certain countries in order to see their children who are citizens of those countries.

I have also discovered that in some ways the United States government is treating some of its own citizens as second-class, demanding new restrictions in various areas of residency in a particular state, in business, in banking.

The movements of many are being circumscribed on purpose. In the past, when people could travel, they met and encouraged other Catholics who were the remnant. This may not ever happen again.

If you are not in an area where you are being fed by the liturgy, or with other real Catholics, now is the time to move.

One makes sacrifices. There is a growing community building up around Clear Creek Monastery. If you have a home-based business, or can easily re-locate financially, (unlike me), move there asap.

My calls for Catholics to pod have been ignored by many who simply have fallen into spiritual sloth, cannot extricate themselves from where they are for good reasons, or who are fearful.

I must say that many people I have met in the States are either too fearful, and therefore, not open to community, or just cannot see the handwriting on the wall.

Please pray for me today, as I sort out things here, to find that place where I can have the hidden life of prayer, blog, if God desires that, and have a stable lifestyle.

It very well may be not where I am now, or it could be. There are obstacles.

I pray for you all to find that place of support. We shall need it in the days to come of persecution, which are looming, believe me, as I have been saying for years on this blog.

Do not hesitate or procrastinate doing something within your power to do....act now.