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Monday, 11 May 2015

"To draw souls to interior recollection."

The above quotation is from Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity.

A reader sent me the autobiography of Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity last week, but it is late in the post. When I get it, I shall share some bits with you.

A website dedicated to her has a mini-life found here....

Some of the photos of her online are copyrighted, but one can buy postcards, from this page. I do not know much about her except what I have read online, but she is obviously a person to help us understand the Indwelling of the Trinity.

Another interesting site on her may be found here...

I think this quotation of hers below will touch many who read this today.

"Before I die, I long to be transformed into Jesus Crucified and this gives me great strength in suffering ... Love your misery, for upon it God exercises His mercy."