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Saturday, 20 June 2015

After the storm...concerning Laudato si--and tribal mentality

My blog has been dedicated to helping Catholics think like Catholics, and in sharing the long tradition of the teachings of the Church, as well as giving personal meditations on the Scriptures, which are meditations based on prayer and the Church's interpretation of Scripture, not mine.

The Protestant "solos", about which I have written, have undermined the great heritage of Catholic intellectualism, creating a large group of the Catholic world, at least in the English speaking Catholic world, which would rather chase after private revelations than read solid theology and pastoral interpretations or judge without study.

We have fallen to one of the lowest levels of Catholic thinking ever. Some people think that the first 1,000 years of the Church was filled with dummies. No, as the priests taught from the pulpit and sermons were long, believe me. The letters of the Fathers of the Church and the sermons of the Doctors of the Church were not only preserved in monasteries, but taught from the pulpit. The Church created the first universities and the first institutional schools connected with religious training and theology.

Sadly, our Church is seeing the scorning of one of the things which make us human--our gift of reason.

Knee-jerk reactions to anything denote passions unbridled and a lack of common sense, as well as a mind which has fallen into ideologies.

The mass seeking out of private revelations at the expense of studying the real doctrines of the Church has been obvious to me for a long time, and hence, the themes on this blog of unpacking both the truth-the Teaching Magisterium documents and writings of the Doctors, as well as the revealing of the falsity of those seers who set themselves up against God and His Church.

Thankfully, some clarity has happened because of the concerted effort of bloggers and journalists to discredit false visionaries, who have led people into heresy. Some of these have now been force to end their "games" of money-making and heresy spinning.

Remember, Satan does not care how one gets to hell, as long as they get there.

However the damage of anti-intellectualism and the reliance on feelings weakens the Church from the inside. Weak priests, weak laity, gain no merit for the Church to save others outside Her fold.

Weakness within denies opportunities for the evangelization of the pagan world.  People who care want solid truth, not fluff,. They want clarity and reasonableness, not emotional structures which deny sin, judgment, death, hell, purgatory. The truth rings loud and clear. People might not like it, but it takes will power to deny the truth.

Until certain things happen which I deem as barriers to truth,things beyond my control, I shall continue to write the Church's teaching and help others be rational Catholics.

Catholicism first, not Americanism, or Euro-ism, or any other ism. Politics has become tribal here.

The Catholic Church is not a tribe, but universal, catholic, one, holy and apostolic.

Be a Catholic. Be rational, Become the adult Catholic God wants you to be for your own relationship with Him and for the good of the Church.

To be honest, only strong adult Catholics who are training their children to be saints now will withstand the next storm, which will come upon us, most likely, by July 1st.