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Monday, 8 June 2015

Aquinas on Contemplation from The Maritains

This quotation is so beautiful, I just have to share it with you.....

From the same little book I have been using for the past few days, Prayer and Intelligence, by Jacques and Raissa Maritain.

"The contemplative life consists in a sort of leisure, a repose....a liberty of spirit" in which man,"burns with a desire of seeing the beauty of God"....and offers him, "his soul in sacrifice", it has its beginning and end in love, it is "directly and immediately concerned with the love of God himself, "it is ordained not to any kind of love of God, but to the perfect love of Him" and constitutes in a certain sense a commencement of beatitude...."

The burning desire for God makes one desire silence in order to hear the Bridegroom speak in the soft, love voice of love.

Again, I cannot stress the important of choosing simplicity of lifestyle. One can choose to eliminate so many unnecessary things, events, thoughts, which crowd out the voice of Christ.

Simplicity means choosing the smallest, the simplest, the plain, over the complicated.

Remember, without a schedule, one cannot become holy, and without simplicity, one cannot hear God.