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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Book Begging Again

After the long inventory, I have come to the discovery that at least ten to twelve boxes are missing. This is a mystery of life, and one I accept.

However, if anyone would like to replace the missing volumes I mentioned on the other post, I would appreciate it. At least one of the missing boxes contained such spirituality.

The next job is to repack, as I have sorted out books. I need to get some to Clear Creek, and am praying for someone to help me do this. Please join me in prayer for this intention. I am not sending that many there-no more than eight or so smallish boxes, at this time.

Giving away things has been fun. I love homeschooling families and know what they need. Thankfully, some stuff could be used.

Here are a few of the books I am begging readers to consider getting for me. Thanks for considering.

Teresa of Avila Interior Castle

The Philokalia--The Complete Text.  Vols I and III

Garrigou-Lagrange Providence

Garrigou-Lagrange The Trinity

Garrigou-Lagrange The Priest in Union with Christ

Garrigou-Lagrange The Love of God and the Cross

Marmion Union with God

Marmion Christ: The Ideal Priest

Benson Lord of the World

Raissa Maritain We Have Been Friends Together

Raissa Maritain Adventures in Grace

I lost some hard bounds of these. Never mind....

Thanks for considering.

Also need The Three Ages of the Interior Life, is anyone wants to get it for me.

UPDATE: found my first edition, 1931 Fulton J. Sheen Old Errors and New Labels

The man was a prophet.

Also, update, I shall be where I am now for three months.