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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Hymns of Hope and Beauty

"My brothers, I put (the pearl) in the palm of my hand, to be able to look at it closely. 

"I observed it from one side and then the other: It had only one appearance from all sides. 

"(Such) is the search for the Son, inscrutable, for he is luminous."

Today is the Feast of St. Ephrem, Doctor of the Church. You can read his notes on perfection in my series on the Doctors.

Today, I want to highlight his hymnody. A fantastic book may be found online regarding this saint's hymns on the saints in heaven. Only selections of this book are online.[1]%20%281%29.

In these days of growing discouragement, I suggest reading and meditating on this hymn today, a praise of all the saints who have gone before us.

As a poet myself, I appreciate the Pope Emeritus' comments in 2007 on St. Ephrem's works.

"Poetry allowed him to deepen his theological reflections through paradoxes and images. His theology became both liturgy and music at the same time: He was indeed a great composer and musician."