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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Patronal Feast of This Blog

Happy St. Etheldreda's Day....yesterday here was More and Fisher, and today this wonderful saint, who watches over me on the blog.

Wish I was someplace where the priests would use the optional memorial...

Her church in London is in Ely Place, if you have a chance to go there--a little gem. Ely Places is named after her lands and monastery which use to be there, eventually becoming the land of the bishops of Ely. Etheldreda's big monastery, a dual monastery, was near Ely, sort East Anglia, where she had been a royal princess. She was abbess over both sides of the monastery.

Please pray to her today for me and my intentions, please. I am having a TLM said for all my blog readers but cannot tell you the date.

If you literature bugs remember the discussion of lace in Pride and Prejudice, you may recall that lace was placed in a particular place at the top of the dress for modesty. When the lace became cheap, it was called "tawdy", as it was sold at the fairs on St. Audrey's Day, Audrey being another name for St. Etheldreda. Aubrey for a girl is also a derivative.

Now, tawdry means something cheap and nasty, like carnival toys or mementoes.

User:Ras52OpenStreet Map, Amitchell125 for above map and "Saint Ethelreda's Statue, Ely Cathedral" by Jim Linwood - originally posted to Flickr as Saint Ethelreda's Statue, Ely Cathedral.. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

Years ago, I visited Ely Cathedral where there is a shrine to St. Etheldreda above.  I am taking the rest of the day off blogging as a little celebration! In the meantime, you may want to read, if you have not yet, the 25 posts I have on The Encyclical.....