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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The Eucharistic Heart of Jesus

The Heart of the Church is prayer, where in the Blood of Christ gives life to the soul. When I was in Tyburn, I studied the foundress' great insights on the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, insights which were a gift of illumination from God, insights which brought together, joining together,the love and devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus with Adoration of the Eucharist, daily, 24/7.

Without the focus being on Christ Himself, actions cannot be performed with purity of heart. Contemplation is the heart of the Church, not action. All actions which are done in the Church pour out of the merit gained by those who are praying. A long time ago, a good priest told me that the contemplative orders were like the Marines who cleared the beaches so that the rest of the Army can "mop up".  Prayer of the faithful joins with the prayers of Christ and Mary for the People of God. If there is a lack of contemplative orders, or lay associations involved in contemplative prayer, actions by those who are in such active ministries, will be imperiled.

Those places in the world, where there are contemplatives praying for hours in intercession for the Church, the bishops, the priests the seminarians, see the fruits of these prayers and sacrifices.

Real contemplative prayer must not be considered "an extra", but an essential. And, this type of prayer is extremely difficult, both physically and spiritually, even for those who do this daily and by vocation.

Mother Mary of St. Peter, Marie Adele Garnier, foundress of Tyburn,  was a governess with a vision to adore the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus daily. She began her now thriving order, (ten houses in the world), with one person and the blessing of a farsighted bishop. At first, she and her one companion went to the local church to adore Christ daily. After a while,  more women joined the two. 

Without Adoration and contemplation, the Church weakens from within, as the Heart of the Church becomes flaccid.

I am praying for a benefactor, and I shall continue to worship and adore, and intercede to the Eucharistic Heart of Jesus for the Church, the clergy, seminarians, and contemplative souls to join with me in being the silent, quiet, Heart of Prayer for the Church.